AEON VIETNAM - CHI NHÁNH LONG BIÊN (Số 27 đường Cổ Linh, Phường Long Biên, Quận Long Biên, Thành Phố Hà Nội)

Working location: Văn Lâm, Hưng Yên

Primary Objective:

  • Manage all operation of Stock point section include Put away, Replenish, Picking, Sorting, Staging according to DC plan and DC role.

Roles and responsibilities:

1.Manage Put away, Picking, Sorting, Staging task

– Control Put away after receiving according to Plan and Target
– Complete Operation physical and System
– Check order which need to be picked, sorted according to schedule of time and volume.
– Monitor the process to make sure pick and sort data and actual matching together.
– Make sure the picking, sorting capacity of team is utilized by smooth the demand in day, week or month.
– Work with SMPT (and other) to make all the compliance are followed.

2.Plan and deploy Manpower, Operation, Layout, Working schedule

– Make plan in case of the picking volume over the picking capacity to meet the business demand.
– Make working schedule for Staffs of team
– Plan Operation, Layout, SOP
– Follow all working procedures, the company’s policies, rules and regulations

3. Detect, solve and take solution for problem. Study to improve operation and capacity

– Manage claim, accident Report of loss, problem…
– Support Staffs frequently about new issues and find out solution to solve it.

4. Manage Cost of Operation

– Control, calculate, summary, report Cost of Operation

5. Manage KPI, MBO of team

– Create and control KPI for section activities
– Create and control MBO of staffs.
– Do any reports & tasks are assigned by Superior

Qualification and Job Requirements:

  • From Bachelor Degree
  • 2+ year experience in Warehouse Operation
  • Good at MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint…), Operation system ( WMS, SAP, Profit…)
  • Honestly, carefully and negotiation skill
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team member under high pressure
  • Enthusiasm, adaptability, team-spirit are required
  • Good interpersonal and reporting skills
  • Negotiation and problem-solving skills
  • Management skill
  • Ability to work with external (Suppliers, Other Departments)
  • English skills, both writing and speaking (Reading English skill)
  • Ability to work in Shift, Over time
  • Have basic knowledge of logistic and warehouse operation

Please send your CV to Ms. Huyen: huyen.nguyen@aeon.com.vn

Tel: 024 – 6277 6333 (Ext 763)

Job Overview

Thông tin cơ bản của vị trí tuyển dụng

Expires in 2 ngày
Job posting date 07/01/2022
Rank Chuyên viên
Number of people 1
Language Presentation Profile Tiếng Anh

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