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Training and development opportunities.
Training fee reimbursement policy.
Gasoline, Attendance, Staff purchase, Health insurance, Meal, Company trip…
Sale incentive, 13th month salary bonus, Performance bonus.

Roles and responsibilities:

Customer services:
– Access and work with other staff to resolve /support subordinates to resolve customers’ complaints.
– Verify and research data on registration status.
– Maintain / Repair Bicycle for display at Store.
– Input/retrieve client account information data on system.
– Make sure money, promotional goods, promotion gift are used properly and for right purposes. (Not apply voucher in wellness).
– Brief all subordinates about promotion schemes to ensure clear understanding and proper execution.
– Daily check and ensure all working tools and equipment of the section are adequate and in good conditions.
– Instruct subordinate how to use working tools and equipment.
– Serve as key contact for cashiers needing assistance with account or client problems.
– Make all kinds of AEON card section’s reports upon request by Direct Supervisor.
– Follow Company’s Rules on Customer Service (greeting, smiling, bowing and attitude towards customers).

Cashiering tasks:
– Be aware of current sales promotions and Change cash.
– Ensure cash register equipment (audit roll, thermal roll, printer ink cartridge) and all type of nylon bags available and adequate for daily operation.
– Ensure cash registers & credit card terminals are in good conditions.
– Ensure signage must be in proper condition display at cashier counters.
– Ensure all cashier counters to avoid long queue (no more than 5 customers) especially in peak hours or weekend.
– Investigate and correct errors made at the cash registers in a timely manner; report errors to supervisor.
– Random spot check at cashier counter to avoid any fraud.
– Be responsible for investigating any unbalance situation and report to Direct supervisor.
– Make day and night shift handover.
– Run “day end” function of POS system every night.

– Monitor the receiving of merchandise at bay to ensure accuracy in quantity and specifications according to purchase orders.
– Check documents enclosed to order form for accuracy and adequate information, especially special declaration as per Viet Nam law and regulation (i.e. declaration of animal quarantine, customs declaration, etc.).
– Monitor merchandise destroy at garbage storage area. (G2 check G1, G4 check all).
– Inspect PA zero process to control inventory.
– Work with suppliers during receiving merchandise to solve any arising issues.
– Carry out stock take according to Store’s procedures and regulations.
– Receive, check VAT invoices from suppliers then pass to MMD Accounting Department.
– GL need to submit red invoices to the MMD Accounting Department 6 times per month.
– Submit money 3 times per week for Vietcombank (Monday- Wednesday- Friday).
– Manage Change to ensure Store always have enough change money to customer.
– Cashier documents/ Different money.
– Contract with HQ accounting Department to issue goods return/customer VAT invoices to supplier/ customer.
– Submit client account information to customer survice department every monday.

Operations duties
a. Merchandise management
– Supervise Technical Staff/ General Staff to ensure:
• Merchandise is fully replenished, in good conditions & quality.
• All the display merchandise is according to schematic plan or instructions from supervisor/Merchandiser and all the price between display merchandise and price card is tally.(In condition, GL have to display by themselve).
• Price checking on POS and changing price label (if necessary) is completed before store opened.
– Order stock directly with Supplier and receive stock from MMD.
– Manage stock inventory and repeat order when inventory drops to a specific level. Return and exchange damaged goods.
– In -charge bi-annual Stock Take as scheduled.
– Check stock to return slow-moving, non-confirming merchandise to suppliers.
b. Non-merchandise management
– Supervise Key Staff/ General Staff to ensure:
• Operational equipment, lighting and fixtures (gondola, promotion table, shelves, etc.) are in good conditions.
• Sales floor and backroom is kept clean & tidy.
• Fire safety procedure is carried out properly.
– Order/ Execute/Check POP exhibition to ensure correct and adequate information (Make POP in urgent case).
– Execute floor opening and closing.
– Check and verify variances in stock & sales figures after Stock Take and make report to Direct Supervisor.
– In-charge working night and day shift.
– Co-operate with owner building.
– Report any issues to direct supervisor that happen between Wellness and Owner building.

Sales and Profits
– Co-ordinate with Suppliers to execute promotion schemes.
– Keep records of purchase orders, sales. Report periodically about top sales, promotion sales results, market survey/competitor survey to direct supervisor.

– Monitor and check procedures on house-keeping duties to ensure cleanliness and tidiness at Cashier Counter.

Manpower Management
– Plan and prepare duty roster, shift plan and assign subordinates on duty.
– Contact Human Resources to submit present data, social insurance, report.
– Ensure sufficient manpower during business in ad-hoc situations.
– Ensure Key Staff and General Staff’s attendance and attire.
– Be responsible for Key Staff and General Staff’s performance.
– Identify and reduce unnecessary tasks to increase staff productivity.
– Regularly train and motivate subordinates in daily works.
– Identify potential staff for succession planning purposes.
– Build and promote team work spirit.

Rules and Regulations
– Follow all working procedures, the company’s policies, rules and regulations.
– Check, monitor, remind and guide Technical Staff and General staff to follow the rules and regulations.

Other duties
– Closing floor in charge.
– Other tasks or responsibilities as assigned by Direct supervisor.

Qualification and Job Requirements:

  • College or Technical school graduate. Highschool is also ok if other points are good.
  • At least one year relate experience in retailing business or supermarket environment.
  • Good communication skill, problem solving and leadership skill.
  • Customer focused.
  • Self-disciplined with ability to work independently.
  • Good presentation and sales skill.
  • Computer literate (Work, Excel & PowerPoint).
  • Abilities to communicate in English (verbal & written).

Preferred skills:

  • Be able to work at shift & on Public holidays.
  • Have ability to relocate to other Stores as per Company’s assignment is a plus.

Please send CV to Ms.Duyên – HR Dept. AEON Celadon Tân Phú

Email: hr.celadon@aeon.com.vn

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Supermarket Pet Bán hàng

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