Văn Phòng Chính (30 đường Tân Thắng, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh.)

Primary Objective:

This External Relations Executive is a special strategic position to enhance AEON Vietnam image as a Sustainable Retailer to external stakeholders (especially Government). This position’s mission is to strategically leverage relations tactics to support develop AEON Vietnam’s long term goal to become an indespensable company to Vietnam society.

A. Roles and responsibilities:

1.Being a contact liaison between AEON Vietnam and related Government agents & Associations (30%)
(1.1) Receive, summarize and report documents/ information/ request/invitation from related government agents, local authorities, partners, business associations, business collations, NGO, etc for next step guidance;
(1.2) Coordinate with related internal departments to ensure prompt & proper response to above request under different methods such as report, documents, official letter, etc
(1.3) Monitor news and regulations updates from external parties, with special emphasis on Government, Local Authority (both Vietnam & Japan), and Related Business Associations/ Coalition for the purpose of timely updates to the Board.

2.Enhance Sustainable Retailer Image through Recognition & Leader Voice strategy (30%)
(2.1) Research & analyse to propose for potential Recognition (such as Awards, Certificate, …) and Leader Voice (such as Talkshow, Seminar, Conference, …) occasion in Sustainability field to enhance AEON’s positive Sustainability impression toward targeted Stakeholders (Government, Consumers, Suppliers/ Partners);
(2.2) Coordinate with related functional Department or PIC to synthesize information to support for the application/implementation process process
(2.3) Support Deputy Manager/ Manager to develop Leader Voice strategy, with the purpose to define AEON as No.1 Sustainable Retailer in Retail industry

3.General External Stakeholders Engagement scope (25%)
(3.1) Develop, organise, manage, and update database of critical external stakeholders including but not limiting to 7 targets which is mentioned in Section A- Part (2);
(3.2) Support direct supervisor to make sure the Stakeholder engagement strategy is executed consistently in both Headquarter level and Operations level, across important occasions: National occasions, Special individual occasions, Business occasions; The execution work including, but not limiting to:
_ Arrange and match multilateral schedule
_ Logistic preparations: transportation, meet-up preparation, event execution. etc
_ Documentary: purchase order, contract, and payment, etc.

4.Other Work management tasks (10%)
– Sustainability communication information provision: coordinate with related PIC to ensure providing External Relations information to contribute to Sustainability storytelling.
– Budget (related to the position’s function) management;
– Related document procedures such as: purchasing, payment, indexes, …
– Daily communication & engagement, Weekly & Monthly team review to ensure work updates, timely consultant and expectation alignment.
– Other necessary works as assigned.

5.Personal growth & team development (5%)
– At AEON we consider Personal Growth as important as Business Growth, so you are suggested to take time to identify personal strengths, practice reflection, promote self-awareness, and frequently communicate with Direct Supervisor. Those information is useful to balance the Position’s performance and Its own satisfaction at work.
– At AEON we promote life-long learning culture, so you are encouraged to propose needed training to contribute to the Position’s functional scope as well as your own Personal growth;
– At AEON we ensure Diversity and Inclusion, so you are suggested to leverage team members’ strengths for the common goals of the Team. We also appreciate any initiatives/ perspective which promote Team & Company growth and Innovation.


B. Qualification and Job Requirements:

1.University degrees in 1 of following study field: Public Affairs, Government Affairs, Social Sciences, Business or Economics; Higher Education is not required, but a plus point;

2.Functional Certificate relating to any field of Public Affairs is not required, but a plus point;

3.Minimum 01 year of experiences in 1 of following field: Public Relations, Public Affairs, Government Affairs, International Relations, GD Office, …

4.Advanced English efficiency is a must; Japanese efficiency is a plus.


Please send your application to email: tien.ngo@aeon.com.vn for applying.


Job Overview

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Expires in 3 ngày
Job posting date 25/06/2024
Number of people 1
Language Presentation Profile

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