Văn Phòng Chính (30 đường Tân Thắng, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh.)

Key responsibilities:

This position is a strategic position to ensure long-term sustainable growth of AEON business in Vietnam, while contributing to the policy and direction of Vietnam Government.



Support Manager by provide supervision to the performance of Department (through projects) across the year to ensure achieving yearly plan:

  • Department performance include but not limit to below points:
  • Department yearly KPI & Target dashboard
  • Department functional planned budget & actual expense
  • Department related expense (facility, admin, …)
  • Department headcount & org chart
  • Supervision can be provided under various method:
  • Weekly project meeting
  • Monthly Department review
  • On-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, …
  • MBO reviews (mid-year, year-end)


At AEON we consider Personal Growth as important as Business Growth, which is useful to balance the Department’s team members’ Performance and Satisfaction at work. You will support the Manager in Department Talent Development by implementing, centralizing and analyzing Department members’ personal strengths. Department Talent Development plan include but not limit to:

  • Capability mapping
  • Functional training plan
  • OJT plan
  • Individual L&D plan



Support for the establishment of the Sustainability (CSR) Strategies for AEON Group in Vietnam in long-term (5-10 years), mid-term (3 years) and short-term (one year). The short-term strategies must be specified in detail in quarterly and monthly activities based on the analysis of situations in societies of either global and local.

  • Grabbing, collecting either objective and subjective situations and any information from varieties of sources.
  • Analyzing any situations and risks of results and focusing future of CSR activities in scientific way, to reason for directing and correcting strategies of CSR from time to time.
  • Drafting, inspecting, checking and appropriately amending any documents, web, e-mails etc., which will be disclosed to external parties for the purpose of External Affairs.
  • Proposing, officializing, implementing and executing CSR-related policies, regulations and operating systems by analysis of risks, forecasts etc., except any activities relating to marketing, promotions of any sales.
  • Becoming the primary contact department for any CSR activities of AEON Group in Vietnam
  • Becoming the primary contact department for any activities of AEON 1% Club Foundations, the Diversity Promotion Department, and the Environmental and Social Contribution Department of AEON CO., LTD, …
  • Supervise to ensure the execution of Sustainability projects goes well as planned.
  • Any other matters ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.



Support establishing, coordinating, executing and maintaining any governments (and authorities) relations in good and favorable manner to AEON VIETNAM and/or AEON Group companies in Vietnam (or overseas if necessary) by communications with integrities.

  • Supporting government relation matters regarding licenses necessary for running our business. CSR will not be in charge of applying, grabbing and maintaining such licenses, however, CSR will need to back up any departments for granting licenses by having superior communications with governments (and authorities).
  • Supporting in the way of back-up for any departments for any activities, such as inspections etc., from any authorities. CSR will not be the primary contact and responsible for such inspections, however, CSR will need to cooperate with any departments who are in charge of each inspection from authorities.
  • Supervise to ensure the execution of Government Relations activities goes well as planned.
  • Any other activities or matters ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.



To prepare for the next stage of company type changing, support for the development of a Sustainability Committee, operating under the ESG management model. The related scope includes but not limit to:

  • Develop Committee’s structure.
  • Develop Committee’s operation requirement.
  • Develop Sustainability report.
  • Develop reporting SOP, under GRI reporting model.
  • Compile all Sustainability-related reports, in a required frequency, with the purpose of internal & external disclosure.
  • Ensure all content delivered reflects AEON Vietnam Sustainability direction to the right target audiences.
  • Conduct annually Sustainability reporting & disclosure, under GRI standard, to related strategic stakeholder including: Community, Business Partners, and special emphasis on Investor and/ or Shareholders;
  • (Further detailed scope of work for this milestone will be updated by 2025)


Qualification and Job Requirements:

  • University degrees in 1 of following study field: Business
  • management, International Relations, Economics, etc.,
  • Higher Education relating to Sustainability is not required, but a plus point.
  • Functional Certificate relating to any field of Sustainability is not required, but a plus point.
  • Minimum 02-03 year of experiences in 1 of following field: CSR, Marketing, PR & Communications, etc.,
  • Minimum 01-02 year of team management & development
  • Growth mindset, Conceptual mindset, Logical & critical thinking, good sense of Leadership
  • Negotiation, Strong research & information filtering, Adaptability
  • Communication & Interpersonal, Collaboration in diversity working environment, Problem solving, Time Management, Fluent in English


Please send your application to email: tien.ngo@aeon.com.vn for applying.

Job Overview

Thông tin cơ bản của vị trí tuyển dụng

Expires in 9 ngày
Job posting date 11/04/2024
Rank Deputy Manager
Number of people 1
Language Presentation Profile Tiếng Anh

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