Văn Phòng Chính (30 đường Tân Thắng, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh.)

Key responsibilities:

Assisting Human Resource Manager in the execution of the Company’s performance, employee engagement & productivity to meet the company’s objectives.


  1. Performance Management
  • Conducting a performance appraisal or performance review and reward for performance if an employee meets the desired performance level.
  • Reviewing organizational goals to relate with preferred organizational outcomes in terms of quality, quantity, cost or timeliness.
  • Specifying preferred outcomes, called goal setting, for the employees.
  • To formulate performances appraisals guidelines, policies and procedures for the company
  • To propose, organize and conduct total Company Bonus based on budget allocated.
  • Analyze data & propose for improving productivity.
  • Building up internal Policy & communication to the employee for the implementation


  1. Employee Relation & Employee Engagement
  • Analyze incident report from disciplinary result & have action plan.
  • Conduct HR Day & convey employee aspiration to Management for improvement.
  • Co-ordinate with Trade Union to propose & organize events for employees.
  • Check staff hotline & sending & following related Department for action & improvement.
  • Monitors and evaluates the company’s benefits programs including insurance programs, retirement plans, sick leave, time off and vacation policies.
  • Ensures programs are current with regard to trends, practices and costs.
  • Negotiates coverage services and costs with carriers.
  • Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function.


  1. Succession Planning
  • Identify core competencies and technical competency requirements for each position.
  • Identify talent with critical competencies from multiple job grades.
  • Assess competency and skill levels of current workforce.
  • Assesses various staffing needs to determine methods to address current and future conditions, including retention management, realignment, and career development.
  • Conducting readiness assessments, job-impact analysis, skills and capability assessments.


  1. Other duties
  • Other tasks or responsibilities as Human Resource Manager as well as Top Management.
  • Provide continuous leadership, supervision, training, and development of department staff ensuring an effective and motivated team.
  • Control & proposal Uniform for new project and follow yearly budget.
  • Do yearly budget planning based on the business situation.
  • Organize company events such as: best practice exam, best employee context…
  • Write and enhances internal communication materials, including intranet, HR announcement.


Job Requirements:

  • University degree
  • At least 05 – year experience in HR field (in retail market is a plus).
  • Knowledge of HR related regulations and laws of Vietnam
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Good communication, problem solving & presentation skills.
  • Good management, planning and analyzing ability.
  • Good verbal and written English skills.
  • Proficiency in computer skills (MS Office).
  • Knowledge about Labor law and labor market in Vietnam.
  • Proficiency in computer skills (MS Office)
  • Good verbal and written English skills.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Communication, problem solving & presentation skills.
  • Good management, planning and analyzing ability.


Please send your application to email: Lekimanh.vu@aeon.com.vn for applying.

Job Overview

Thông tin cơ bản của vị trí tuyển dụng

News has expired
Job posting date 21/05/2024
Rank HR Deputy Manager, Deputy Manager
Number of people 1
Language Presentation Profile Tiếng Anh

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