AEON Tân Phú Celadon (30 Bờ Bao Tân Thắng, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú, TP. Hồ Chí Minh)

Primary Objective:

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Manager is responsible for the cooperate growth by forming Service Logistics System and offering the competitive customer-driven supply chain continuous improvement.

Roles and responsibilities:

1. Creating executive strategy for whole SCM department:

  • Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy in long-term (5 years and more), short-term (3 years) and yearly. The short-term strategies must be specified in details in quarterly and monthly activities based on the analysis of situations in societies of either global or local.
  • Planning, budgeting and proposing by breaking down the duties into groups, making budgets (Yearly and Monthly) and clarifying ROI to the supervisor, for hiring employees and/or implementing any necessary assets to purchase and/or activities to be made for achieving the duties.
  • Lead the Distribution Center Operation team and Store Operation Improvement team to provide the continuous improvement driving efficient supply chain process consistency across the organization.

2. Control RDC Operation:

  • Define internal KPIs that leads DC team in executing smooth daily operation
  • Keep detailed records, generate reports, and develop presentations to help management understand the logistics perspective.
  • Work closely with relating internal departments: Merchandising, Operation, IT, Accounting…to address all issues regarding discrepancies and errors in the supply chain process then furnish solution of these issue.
  • Seek to improve all aspects of the current RDC operation by reviewing current methodology and processes; evaluate 3PLs performance and supplier’s delivery performance by set respective KPIs
  • Work closely with IT for to create effective databases for operation optimization
  • Upon approvals from the direct supervisors, proposing to select partners/vendors/suppliers to negotiate, negotiating, deciding, making into and drafting agreements/contracts, and issuing any necessary letters or documents to either internal or external regarding any activities to fulfill the department duties, obligations and responsibilities.
  • Investigating, checking, auditing, creating, maintaining, keeping in effective and proposing any policies, regulations or rules related to the department duties, obligations and responsibilities; then upon approvals from the direct supervisors, installing, implementing, enforcing and amending any such policies, regulations or rules.

3. Improve Store Operation efficiency:

  • Provide the Logistic service to Stores in order to solve 3 issues of Stores as KPI: maintain the Freshness, shorten the Time and optimize the Expense
  • Cross-functional coordinating with relating department in term of Store operation efficiency improvement
  • Integrating planning from merchandising, operation, logistics system included: warehousing and transportation services in order to customize the organization & customers’ needs based on market conditions, forecast & demand planning, and delivery service requirements.
  • 3PL’s warehousing service & stock management
  • Define efficiency logistic policies and procedure to ensure that the supply chain is appropriate, cost effective and store working effective and productive.

4. Leadership and Level up Staff:

  • Planning and maintaining all staff activities, jobs, duties and working schedules (including shift planning, in and out administrations, overtime, and business trip) in the department.
  • Education for Improvements;
  • Planning, educating and improving all staffs’ knowledge’s and techniques by evaluating performance through creating CDP, then promoting if any staffs are met to be knowledgeful enough, with good humanities and performance, to become superiorly.

Qualification and Job Requirements:

  • University degrees, 5+ years experienced in Logistics, Supply Chain or equivalent experience.
  • Experience retail business is a plus

Preferred skills:

  • Strong in co-ordinating with other persons, departments to complete a job and organizing programs.
  • Strategic thinking, strong negotiation skills. Customer-centric service-minded people with ethics.
  • Proven leadership, motivation and people skills.
  • High level of analytical ability and problem solving skills.
  • Proven leadership, motivation and people skills.
  • Acknowledge of the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Computer literacy: Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

Other information:

Contact information: Ms. Huyền (Email: huyen.nguyen@aeon.com.vn)

Job Overview

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Job posting date 14/03/2023
Rank Manager
Number of people 1
Language Presentation Profile Tiếng Anh

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